Today is the feast day of the Holy Great Martyr Theodore Stratilatus

Photo: Holy Great Martyr Theodore Stratilatus

The value of the martyrdom struggle depends on the amount of wealth that the Christian will leave receiving suffering instead of that wealth, as well as on the amount of suffering that he will endure for the sake of Christ. St. Theodore, the Roman duke, in the army of Emperor Licinius and mayor of the city of Heraclea, despised his youth and beauty and the rank of duke and royal mercy, and instead received terrible torments for the sake of Christ. He was beaten, received six hundred blows to the back and five hundred to the abdomen, then lifted to a cross and pierced with arrows. He was eventually killed with a sword. He suffered all this because St. Theodore loved Christ above all in the world. He despised the foolish superstition of Emperor Licinius, overthrew the silver and gold idols, and distributed the pieces of them to the poor; He converted many to the faith of Christ and called on King Licinius himself to renounce idols and believe in the one living God. During the torture, St. Theodore constantly spoke: "Glory to You, my God, glory to You!" He suffered on February 8, 319 at three o'clock in the afternoon and moved to the Kingdom of Christ. He is considered the protector of the soldiers who call him for help. His miraculous relics were transported from the Eucharist to Constantinople and buried in the church of Vlacherna.

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