Today is the feast day of Saint Lucian the priest-martyr

Holy Hieromartyr Lucian

Roman, known for his noble origins, wealth and learning. For a time he was a disciple of the holy apostle Peter. Later, Pope Clement sent him along with Dionysius the Areopagite to Gaul to preach the Gospel, having previously ordained him bishop. Lucian zealously sowed the teachings of Christ first throughout Gaul and then in Belgium. When the wicked Emperor Domintian began to persecute the Christians, a special chase was sent from Rome to Gaul to search for and capture all the Christian missionaries. They first captured and killed St. Dionysius, and then went to look for St. Lucian. They found him in Belgium, together with his assistants, the presbyter Maxian and the deacon Julian, and in one place they killed the two, and in another they killed Lucian. After beheading him, Lucian's dead body rose from the ground, took his head with his hands (similar to the body of St. Dionysius, and St. John Vladimir) and so went to the place where he wanted to be buried. He fell here and was buried. A church was later built over his relics.

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