Saint George the Confessor is celebrated today

Saint George the Confessor

Because of the great beneficence he acquired through long-term exploits, George was elected Metropolitan of Mytilene. And the saint managed the verbal flock diligently and wisely until his old age. But when the persecution arose under Leo the Armenian, who was destroying the holy icons, this holy old man was summoned by the emperor to Constantinople to a council of bishops, which was supposed, according to the emperor's wish, to destroy the veneration of icons. But George not only did not do according to the wishes of the evil king, but with some brave bishops he stood up to protect the holy icons. For this he was ridiculed by the king and banished to the regions of Kherson, where he spent the rest of his earthly life in physical misery and all kinds of trouble. He rested and moved to the Realm of Immortality around 816. Because of his great righteousness and love for the Lord Jesus, he was a miracle worker during his life and after his death.

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