Today is celebrated Saint Epiphanius, Bishop of Cyprus

Photo: Saint Epiphanius, Bishop of Cyprus

He was born a Jew, but when he saw the power of Christ's faith, he was baptized along with his sister, Kalitropia. At the age of twenty-six he became a monk in the monastery of St. Hilarion. He later founded a separate monastery, from where he became famous throughout Palestine and throughout Egypt for his asceticism, spiritual wisdom, and miracles. Fleeing from human glory, he fled to Egypt. On the way he met the great Paphnutius, who prophesied that he would be hierarch on the island of Cyprus. And indeed, after many years, by the Providence of God, Epiphanius came to Cyprus, where he was suddenly elected bishop in the city of Salamis, and as bishop ruled the Church of God for fifty-five years. He lived on earth all one hundred and fifteen years and died from this life to live forever in the Kingdom of Christ. Before his death he was summoned to Constantinople by Emperor Arcadius and his wife Eudoxia, to a council of bishops which was to, according to the wish of the emperor and empress, condemn St. John Chrysostom. The citizens heard, heard Chrysostom, as if Epiphanius had agreed with the emperor against Chrysostom. That is why Chrysostom wrote a letter to him: “Brother Epiphanius, I heard that you had advised the emperor to be persecuted. "Know that you will not see your throne again." Epiphanius wrote to him: "Sufferer John, resist the insults, know that you too will not reach the place where you are being persecuted." Both saintly prophecies soon came true: not wanting to agree with the emperor on the persecution of Chrysostom, Epiphanius secretly boarded a ship and sailed for Cyprus and died on the ship, and Chrysostom was expelled by the emperor to Armenia and he on his way to Armenia. Saint Epiphanius died in 403. The most famous of his many works is "The Ark" (in Greek "Panarion"), in which eighty heresies are exhibited and refuted.

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