Saint Amphilochius of Iconium is celebrated today

Photo: Saint Amfilochius of Iconium

Compatriot and friend of St. Basil the Great and other great saints from the 4th century. He left the world congestion early and retired to a cave, where he lived as a hermit for forty years. Then it happened that the episcopal see was vacated in Iconium and Amphilochius was miraculously elected and consecrated Bishop of Iconium. He was a wonderful pastor and a great defender of the pure Orthodox faith. He participated in the II Ecumenical Council in 381. He fought zealously against the wicked Macedonia and against the Aryans and Eunomius. He personally begged Emperor Theodosius the Great to expel the Aryans from every city in the country. The emperor did not fulfill his wish. A few days later Amphilochius appeared to the emperor again. When the bishop was introduced into the reception room, the emperor was sitting on the throne, and to his right was his son Arcadius, whom he had taken as emperor. When Amphilochius came in, he bowed down to the king Theodosius, and Arcadius, the king's son, did not even look back, even though he was not there. Emperor Theodosius became very angry about this and ordered Amphilochius to be expelled from the palace immediately. Then the saint said to the king: “Do you see, O king, how you do not bear the dishonor of your son; so God the Father does not tolerate the dishonor of His Son; When the king heard this, he understood why Amphilochius did not honor his son and admired his courage and wisdom. In addition to his many deeds and deeds, St. Amphilochius wrote several books on the faith. He died in 395 in old age and moved to immortal life.

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