Today is celebrated Venerable Theodore the Consecrated

Photo: Venerable Theodore Osveten

Disciple of St. Pachomius. Born and raised as a pagan, but as a young man he came to the knowledge of the true faith, was baptized and when he heard about St. Pachomius, he fled to the monastery secretly from his parents. Saint Pachomius became a monk and loved him for his unusual zeal and obedience. When his mother came to call him back, he did not want to call her, but prayed to God for her to enlighten her with the truth. Indeed, the mother not only did not bring her son home, but she did not return either: she saw nearby the nunnery run by Pachomius' sister, entered it and became a monk. After some time, Theodore's brother Paphnutius came to the monastery and became a monk. Once it happened that the bishop of the city of Panopol called Pachomius to arrange a monastery for the many who loved monastic life. Pachomius took Theodore with him and mainly entrusted him with the task of organizing the monastery. After the death of St. Pachomius, Theodore became abbot of all the monasteries of Pachomius and lived comfortably to a ripe old age, leading a multitude of monks on the road to salvation. He died peacefully and moved to the realm of eternal light in 368.

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