Today is Easter

Christmas Day
Christmas Day

This day celebrates two events related to the Precious Cross: first, the discovery of the Precious Cross on Golgotha, and second, the return of the Precious Cross from Persia to Jerusalem. Walking around the Holy Land, the Holy Empress Helena decided to seek the Precious Cross of Christ. An old Jew named Judas was the only one who knew about the location of the Cross, so he was forced by the empress to say that the Cross was buried under the temple of Venus, which was raised by Emperor Hadrian on Golgotha. The empress ordered and destroyed that idol temple, so digging deep they found three crosses. While the empress was puzzled as to which of the three was the Cross of Christ, a procession with a corpse was passing by. Then Patriarch Macarius said that the crosses should be laid in a row on the corpse. And when the third cross was placed on him, the deceased came to life. After that they knew that it was the true Cross of Christ, honest and life-giving. Then they laid it on a sick woman and the woman was healed. Then the patriarch raised the cross to see all the people, and the people sang with tears: "Lord have mercy!" Empress Elena made a coffin of silver and placed the Precious Cross in it. Later, when King Hozroy took Jerusalem, he took many captives and took the Cross of the Lord to Persia. In Persia the Cross lay for fourteen years. In 628, the Greek emperor Heraclius defeated Hosea and restored the Cross to Jerusalem with glory. Upon entering the city, Emperor Heraclius carried the Cross on his shoulders. But suddenly he stopped and could not take a step. Patriarch Zacharias saw an angel preventing the emperor in lavish clothes from walking under the Cross, on the path that the Lord had taken barefoot and humiliated. The patriarch announced this vision to the emperor. Then the emperor undressed, so he took the Cross barefoot and in miserable clothes, took it to Golgotha ​​and laid it in the temple of the Resurrection, for the joy and consolation of the whole Christian world.

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