Today the protest has a new route: From the Government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Assembly

Protest announcement/Photo: Ultimatum no thanks

A new citizen protest under the motto has been announced for today starting at 19:00 "Ultimate - NO thank you" before the Government of the Republic of Macedonia

The protest will begin in front of the Government, and then continue through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia.

The citizens will today massively oppose the humiliating proposal for Macedonia which accepts all the Bulgarian conditions, the organizers of the protest announced in the call signed only as "Ultimatum - NO thanks" .

The protests officially started on Saturday, although a smaller group of citizens protested in front of the government on Friday as well. Last night, during the protests, they were observed several incidents before the Parliament and the Government in which four police officers were injured, and windows and protective fences of the institutions were also damaged.

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