Saint Gregory the Wonderworker, Bishop of Neocaesari, is celebrated today

St. Gregory the Miracle Worker, Bishop of Neocaesarea

A man of God and a great miracle worker, called the second Moses. Born of pagan but respectable and wealthy parents, Gregory first studied Hellenic and Egyptian philosophy, but after recognizing its futility and inadequacy, he turned to Christian teachers, especially Origen in Alexandria, with whom he studied for several years and from whom he received . Pure in body and soul, he wanted to dedicate himself all to Christ alone, so he went away into the wilderness, where he spent a long time in arduous deeds. Fame for him spread everywhere and Fedim, Bishop of Amasya, wanted to dedicate him to Bishop of Caesarea. the clairvoyant Gregory noticed Fedim's intention, so he hid in the desert from his envoys, so that they would not find him. Finally, Fedim miraculously dedicated it, and Gregory had to accept the service of an archpastor. The Most Holy Mother of God appeared to him with St. John the Theologian and on the order of the Mother of God, St. John handed him the Symbol of Faith known as Grigoriev. Who will count the miracles of this second Moses? He commanded the evil spirits, he commanded over the mountains and over the waters, healed all afflictions and diseases, he became invisible before the persecutors, he saw in the distance not only the events but also the thoughts of the people. He completed his earthly life in 270 CE, in his old age. When he came to Caesarea, he found the whole city pagan, with only seventeen Christians in it. And when he left this life he left the whole city Christian, and only seventeen pagans in it. For this he received a crown of glory from his Lord.

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