Saint Gregory the Theologian, Archbishop of Constantinople, is celebrated today

Saint Gregory the Theologian, Archbishop of Constantinople

Born in Nazianzus to father Elin and a Christian mother. Before his baptism he studied in Athens with St. Basil the Great and Julian the Apostate. He often prophesied to Julian that he would be an apostate and a persecutor of the Church, as he did. Gregory was especially influenced by his mother, Nona. When he finished school, Gregory was baptized. St. Basil ordained him Bishop of Sassim, and Emperor Theodosius the Great soon summoned him to the vacant throne of the Archbishop of Constantinople. He composed numerous works, the most famous of which are theological ones, which is why he is called the Theologian. Particularly significant is his work "Sermon on the Holy Trinity." it was instead his soul. He also wrote against Tsar Julian the Apostate, his former school friend. In 381, when a controversy arose in the Council over his election as archbishop, he withdrew himself, saying: "Those who deprive us of the throne can not deprive us of God." He then left Constantinople, went to Nazianzus, where he lived until his death in solitude, praying and writing useful books. Although he was in poor health all his life, he still lived to be eighty years old. His relics were later transferred to Rome, and his head is in the Assumption Cathedral in Moscow. He was and remains a wonderful light of the Orthodox Church, both for the meekness and purity of character and for the unsurpassed deep mind. He fell asleep in the Lord in 390.

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