Democratic Union warns of "Bulgarianization of Macedonia" through the joint commission

Pavle Trajanov

The Democratic Union warns of a process of "cutting Macedonian roots" through the joint commission for historical and educational issues, which, according to the party, opens a "process of Bulgarianization of Macedonia".

"The work of this commission is a reflection of the solutions contained in the Agreement on Friendship, Good Neighborliness and Cooperation between the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Bulgaria, which defines common history and the formation of the Commission for Historical and Educational Issues. Formulations for joint veneration of Saints Cyril and Methodius, St. Clement, St. Naum and Tsar Samoil and the recommendations for changing the textbooks in the two countries, which were harmonized by the joint commission, directly change the historical narrative in favor of the Bulgarian national and ethnic cause in Macedonia," said Pavle Trajanov's party.

The Democratic Union assesses that it is unacceptable to change the past with administrative commissions and decisions, with the intention of denying and disfiguring Macedonian identity by relativizing historical facts. This is an unsuccessful attempt to transpose contemporary consciousness into the distant past and a misunderstanding of history, formed during the period of communism.

"By disputing the Macedonian educators and revolutionaries who are part of the CODE of every Macedonian, the Macedonian identity, its roots and the future are denied. Let us remind you that he who has no history has no future, and this is exactly what is being done" they say from there and call on historians from Macedonia, from the region and from Europe and all progressive people "to stand behind the historical facts in defense of the Macedonian people and their identity , history, culture and language," the statement said.

"The agreement has a manufacturing error, because it starts from a supposed common history that connects the two states and their peoples, but Bulgaria means "Bulgarian history" under that wording. As a country, we should assess all the risks of accepting the decisions of the Commission on Historical and Educational Issues, as well as of continuing its work, especially since these obligations are part of the Protocol signed by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the two countries and are at the same time integral part of the Negotiating Framework for our accession to the EU, which Bulgaria can use to blackmail and block the European integration processes of Macedonia" is the position of the Democratic Union.

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