Demiri: Director Shokarovski is mobbing Dr. Sashko Jovev

After receiving the unofficial data on increased mortality at the Clinic for State Cardiac Surgery, the Minister of Health, Dr. Ilir Demiri, formed a commission that investigated the mortality at the Clinic.

An official report from the Commission was received today.

A statistical analysis of the Chi-square test was performed and it was confirmed that the association between the two groups and mortality is considered to be statistically insignificant, the Ministry of Health told "Sloboden Pechat".

Health Minister Ilir Demiri believes that Professor Sashko Jovev is disadvantaged and that the director Dr. Marjan Shokarovski is mobbing him.

Minister Demiri's plea to the media is not to use the transitory period of the minister's departure to slander public health and cover up successes, it is the only institution that produces staff and we all have an obligation to it. Minister Demiri's opinion about these events is that interpersonal relations in the same institution and the disenfranchisement of Professor Sashko Jovev in the past period in which he was and continues to be mobbed by the current medical director are extremely disturbed. Professor Jovev should be allowed to be part of the operating teams as soon as possible, says Demiri.

"Sloboden Pechat" has the information on mortality at the Cardiac Surgery Clinic for three months. In July 2022, 12 patients with coronary disease were operated on, 6 of whom died. In August 2023, 11 patients were operated on, most of them with coronary disease and two for valve replacement. Six of them died. In October 2023, 8 patients with coronary disease and one with valvular disease were operated on. Three people died. Out of six patients with implanted mechanical hearts, five have exited. "Free Press" from the Ministry of Health, through the Law on Free Access to Public Information, requested the official report signed by the expert commission in order to gain insight into the real situation in detail regarding the mortality at the Cardiac Surgery Clinic.

The Director of the Clinic, Dr. Shokarovski, told "Sloboden Pechat" that after he returns from his trip, he will present the clinic's mortality figures as well as the method of calculating them. According to him, mortality has decreased, and the amount of work has increased by 30 percent.

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