Delegations of Sweden and Finland today in Turkey for a meeting on their NATO membership

Sweden and Finland apply for NATO membership / Photo EPN / Newscom / Profimedia

Representatives of Sweden and Finland are meeting today with representatives of the Turkish authorities to discuss their demands for NATO membership.

Both countries have submitted their applications to join the Alliance following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and the decision to accept the mind requires the consent of all 30 NATO members.

But Turkey has opposed their claims. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused the two countries of providing protection to supporters of the Kurdish separatist PKK militant group on their territory.

Sweden and Finland imposed sanctions on Ankara in 2019 following a military incursion into Syria, where some Kurdish militants are active.

Some analysts believe that it is possible for Turkey to oppose the two countries' membership in an attempt to seek and obtain concessions from other NATO members.

The Finnish Foreign Minister said he hoped the two sides could clarify their differences. с

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