Delchevci received drinking water 20 hours after the failure

Photo: MIA

The water supply in Delchevo has been normalized after, due to a failure of the main water supply line, the inhabitants of the city and surrounding settlements had no drinking water for more than 20 hours.

The Public Utility Company "Bregalnica" informed that due to problems with the supply line, work was being done to remove defects at two locations in Delchevsko.

- The major defect was located in the central Gradako area near the Delchev ambulance where the damaged f-200 pipes were replaced. The second defect was located near the village of Umin Dol in the direction from the village of Trabotivishte to Delchevo, where work was being done on the supply line of the F-315mm hose, informed by PUB "Bregalnica".

The company also appealed that due to the protection of the water meters from freezing in the winter period, starting from December this year, readings of the states of the water meters will not be carried out.

- In the period from December 1, 2022 to February 28, 2023, invoicing will be done according to the average consumption of each user. Users who want to be invoiced for the actual condition of the water meters can submit the conditions to the premises of the PUB Bregalnica-Delcevo. or electronically through our website, the company added.

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