Works from the first edition of the "Zrno" festival will be presented in KIC

At the Cultural and Information Center in Skopje, on August 9, at 20 p.m., an exhibition of some of the works created at the first edition of the International Festival of Alternative Photography "Zrno" will be opened.

At the workshops for alternative photography, at the "Zrno" festival that took place from July 6 to 10, in Matka near Skopje, under the motto "Let's grow together!" by the lecturers and participants from the region, the first community of thirty lovers of photography was created. the alternative photo.

- The exhibition is of a show character and on it you can see the playful spirit full of experiments with the various noble photographic techniques, which prevailed during the holding of the workshops - they point out from "Zrno".

Cyanotype with portraits of the participants and mentors of "Zrno 2022"

The leaders of the workshops were: Predrag Uzelac and Ivana Tomanović from Serbia; Milos Zvitser and Dejan Kalezic from Montenegro; Keti Talevska-Bakrevska, Viktorija Mackovska and Sasho Alushevski, from Macedonia. The largest number of participants were from Macedonia, but there were also participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

The mission of "Zrno" is to encourage young (in spirit) authors and authors, to engage in a more serious treatment of photography, to create a community based on cooperation between lovers of alternative photography in the world. To offer opportunities for collaboration between alternative photographers, institutions and art academies, in an alternative way. To encourage play as a basic prerequisite for learning. To make you smile, to make you happy.

The "Zrno" festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture, "Netsetera" - Skopje and "Skopsko Smut".

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