Part of Skopje will remain without water tomorrow

A part of Skopje will be without water tomorrow evening from 21 pm to XNUMX am on Sunday. The PE "Water and Sewerage" informs that the villages in Saraj will be connected to the city water supply, but also the pipes of Vodno will be changed.

- In order to solve the long-standing problem with the water supply in 12 populated areas in the Municipality of Saraj, an effort will be made to connect the network, which will start on Saturday at 21 pm and is expected to end by XNUMX am on Sunday. Due to the implementation of this reconstruction, a reduction in water supply pressure is expected for the citizens in the Municipality of Saraj and part of the Municipality of Gjorce Petrov - announced from "Vodovod i Kanalizaza".

Residents of the Vodno and Kozle regions, the "Mother Teresa" Clinical Center, the Kozle-Skopje University Hospital for Respiratory Diseases in Children, Villa Vodno and residential buildings in the Vodno region will also be without water. "Vodovod" says that in these parts of Skopje, the water supply network will be reconstructed in Centar, namely in the Vodno area, so that there are no losses of water.

To cover the drinking water needs in the health facilities, drinking water tanks will be placed in front of the "Mother Teresa" Clinical Center and the "Kozle" Children's Hospital. Tanks with drinking water will also be prepared at the Duty Service of Vodovod Skopje, which will gravitate on call based on the needs of the citizens from the Saraj and Vodno areas in the period from 21:5 to XNUMX:XNUMX.

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