Dejan Georgievski won bronze at the "Bulgaria Open"

Photo: Dejan Georgievski
Photo: Macedonian Taekwondo Federation, Macedonian Taekwondo Federation WT

The best Macedonian taekwondo player Dejan Georgievski achieved a new success today and returned from the International Tournament "Bulgaria Open" with bronze.

Georgievski could not fight in the semi-finals due to an injury Cheik Salah Cisse from Ivory Coast.

"Bronze and new points for the Olympic norm with two dominating victories over Michopoulos Sotiros from Greece and Harbar Andrej from Ukraine. Unfortunately, Dejan can't fight in the semi-finals because of a nasty injury to his right hand, we hope it's not a fracture.

Taekwondo is a full-contact combat sport where you often go through hellish injuries, Dejan has been through too much, and that makes him a true champion. We sincerely hope that this time everything will go more easily", informed the Macedonian Taekwondo Federation", the federation announced.

In two weeks, Georgievski will face a new challenge at a tournament in Belgium.

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