The debate went down the drain, now the podcast is all the rage

Bujar Osmani invited Gordana Siljanovska Davkova to be a guest on his podcast for a conversation on the subject of integration and isolation of the state, and she replied that she accepts a debate, but with all seven candidates.

After the seven presidential candidates did not have the courage to face at least one debate so that the citizens could more easily decide who they will vote for in the first round of the presidential elections (April 24), now some of them have started inviting counter-candidates of their choice. and that on topics and places that they chose.
The presidential candidate of the European Front Bujar Osmani send a public invitation to Gordana Siljanovska Davkova, a candidate for head of state from VMRO-DPMNE, and that, on his podcast and only on the subject of integration and isolation of the state.

Siljanovska Davkova addresses Osmani as a medical politician and political doctor

Siljanovska replied that she accepts a debate, but with all seven candidates, at which the citizens will decide which of the candidates they will certify in the pregame, in the premiere and what will happen in the second part of the political game. She addresses Osmani as a medical politician and a political doctor.

- I invite Ms. Siljanovska Davkova to appear for a debate with me, to face the arguments for the citizens to make a decision, to discuss all the arguments for these two alternatives - integration versus isolation. You know that a violation of the Prespa Agreement, the Good Neighbor Agreement and a violation of the Ohrid Agreement will lead to isolation of the country on the very first day, we will become an appendix in the Balkans, tensions will begin in relations. We forgot about the fights on the buses, in the schools... This spirit that promotes "give me 61 so that we don't depend on the Albanians, the Turks, the Roma..." is just an attempt to supremacy of one community over another. We have seen such films of supremacy since the Second World War, so this is how it is - Osmani said in the call to Siljanovska for a debate.

Bujar Osmani, convention Photo: Osmani Facebook

According to Osmani, we must not, for any party or political interest, sacrifice the pillars on which the stability, harmony and progress of a country rest, namely inter-ethnic relations, good neighborliness and Euro-Atlantic integration. He believes that a consensus must be reached for them and that they must not be the subject of this or any election.

– That is what I am looking for from this campaign. I am looking for a debate on the two alternatives to face before the citizens and I invite Siljanovska Davkova in my podcast, if there are problems in the media, there should be only two candidates. Here, let him come to my podcast and we will argue all our differences about the two concepts that are offered to the citizens in these elections - said Osmani.

Siljanovska replied to Osmani in the context of one of his program determinations – that politicians, judges and prosecutors can only be in office if they receive a certificate from an international vetting board, composed of experts from the USA, NATO and the EU.

Gordana Siljanovska, presidential candidate Photo: Facebook Mickoski

– If this is a modern colony, a protectorate, in which the certificate from the outside is important, what would a medical politician or political doctor who thinks of himself as the European president say. Such a thing does not exist. Well, now I listen and he has thrown down the gauntlet and is challenging me to a duel. The man has no idea what he is talking about. Imagine what is most important to him? The politicians were certified. And who issues the certificate? You, the citizens, the people! Well, let's see if he gets a certificate. Let him come to a duel with all the candidates, then let's see who they will certify in the pregame, in the premiere, so that we know what will happen in the second part of the political game - replied Siljanovska Davkova to Osmani's call for a duel.

It is almost certain that the presidential candidates Osmani, Siljanovska Davkova, Stevo Pendarovski from SDSM, Biljana Vankovska from Levica, Maxim Dimitrievski from ZNAM, Arben Taravari from the Vredi coalition and Stevco Jakimovski from GROM will not face each other in the pre-election. The only televised confrontation was between Osmani and Tarawari.
Although all the candidates initially accepted to face each other in two master debates that were supposed to be held at the beginning of the presidential campaign and before the vote on April 24, then Pendarovski's election headquarters informed that there would be no debates, because there were no conditions. The attempts of some television stations to confront the presidential candidates in a debate also failed.

Insults and sarcasm

Instead of a debate, the opposing candidates send messages, as well as insults, sarcasm and insults to each other from the rallies and argue about who offended whom and ask for mutual apologies. VMRO-DPMNE called on Pendarovski to apologize to Siljanovska and demanded responsibility for the sexist insults from an activist who they say is from SDSM, after which the headquarters of Pendarovski and his wife Elizabeta Gjorgievska said that they condemn all kinds of hatred, insults and slander.
Gordana Dimitrieska Kochoska, vice-president of VMRO-DPMNE, believes that Pendarovski could have stopped his activist and apologized immediately, but he did not.

The SDSM replied that they expect VMRO-DPMNE to distance themselves from their candidate's comments against the president of SDSM, which is an insult to a woman, for the insults to the Minister of Defense Slavjanka Petrovska and the Deputy Prime Minister Bojan Maricic.

presidential candidates Photo: Facebook

Vankovska, on the other hand, told Siljanovska on Facebook not to count the morning coffee on a television as a debate.

– I was surprised when I heard that our morning coffee was a debate!?! I found it a fun program. You invite Stevo to a series of debates! And you don't respect him. Call me! Here, now that it is clear that there will be no confrontation, I invite you not for coffee, but for a unique debate. Until yesterday you were saying that this was your emotional (!?) desire to talk ad rem, not ad hominem (something that is now going on between your two camps). Arno, but science and your scientific sense told you that it would be Stevo against you! Let's change that! At the same time, I am not conditioning like your team and I am looking for fatalistic conditions: either seven or yoke debate - wrote Vankovska.

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