Davitkovski: Constitutional can temporarily stop the law on local self-government and insist on elections

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The Constitutional Court must react after a voice is heard, adopt a temporary measure to stop the law on local self-government and insist that the current governing structure conduct regular elections for municipalities in which mayors make a transfer to the executive branch, said professor Dr. Borche Davitkovski, in Top Topic on Thelma TV.

He says that the opposite is unconstitutional from two aspects and can be reacted to endangering the right of citizens to local self-government, which is a constitutionally guaranteed right and secondly – ​​the retroactive effect of the law.

"First, according to the constitution, article 114, citizens have the right to organize themselves in local communities and elect their own representatives. Not to the political parties. In our country, it has become a fashion for political parties to substitute that right that belongs to the citizens and say "it is our right" and now they give some benign reasons - "here are the costs, it will cost a million, two million euros, the citizens will be harassed". Let's face it, every democracy costs. If it's meant to be, it should be. It is a violation of the constitution, that is, the rights of citizens in the local community are violated, Davitkovski pointed out.

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