Dario Ivanovski and Bilšerin Suleiman winners of "Ohrid Run 2023"

photo: Ohrid Trcat Press

Macedonian athlete Dario Ivanovski is the winner of the half marathon that took place today through the streets of Ohrid. Ivanovski ran the 21 kilometer course in 1 hour 11 minutes and 18 seconds.

Tiron Mamusha from Albania arrived second at the finish line with a time of 1:15:54, and third was Mujaid Mislimi from Macedonia - 1:16:39.

She triumphed in the women's competition at 21 kilometers Bilsherin Suleiman from Bulgaria with a time of 1.25.01 hours, ahead of Biljana Kiradzieva from Serbia (1:32:22) and Marina Domazetoska from Macedonia (1:36:11). The prize fund for the winners of 21K is 300, 200 and 100 euros in men's and women's competition, and they also received pearls from Filevi.

In the five kilometer race, in the men's competition, Mihail Vulkovski from Bulgaria won with a time of 18:52 minutes, second was Jorit van der Rath from the Netherlands (19:18 m), and third was Atila Rasim from Bulgaria (19:25 m).

In the women's five kilometer competition, Adelina Pavlova from Bulgaria won with a time of 22:29 minutes, Nikolina Milevska Veljanovska from Macedonia came second (24:02 m.), and Bojana Naumovska from Macedonia came third (24:30 m.).

In the men's 21-kilometer relay race, AK Delta triumphed (1:24:19h), ahead of Bitola Slow Runners (1:28:16h) and "Poetry Run" (1:41:58h). In the women's competition, the first place was won by the "We want tartan in Bitola" relay (1:53:55) ahead of "Ohrid running team girls" (2:04:18) and "BFIT1" (2:08:38).

Nearly 2000 runners from 28 countries took part in the seventh edition of the "Ohrid Runs" Athletic Weekend.

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