The Danish Prime Minister apologized to the people for not wearing a mask in the store

Matt Fredericksen
Mete Frederiksen / Photo EPA-EFE / Philip Davali DENMARK OUT

Danish Prime Minister Matthew Fredericksen has apologized after being filmed unmasked in a store, in defiance of new anti-Covid rules. broadcasts NDTV.

The video published yesterday by the Danish daily newspaper "Extra Bladet" was filmed on Friday by a bystander through a shop window in central Copenhagen, four days after the reintroduction of the obligation to wear masks in public places and on public transport.

 This is an oversight, after the new rules came into force. "I realized that when I was filmed by a citizen," Fredericksen reacted on social media.

This is a really rare and unusual case.

 I know it can happen to anyone. "I am sorry and I want to thank you once again for everything we do together to prevent the epidemic," she said.

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