Denmark completes investigation into Nord Stream gas pipeline explosions

Denmark announced today that it has suspended its investigation into the September 2022 explosions at the Nord Stream pipeline, which transports gas from Russia to Germany, as Sweden had previously suspended its investigation.

Nord Stream 1 and 2, which carried gas under the Baltic Sea, were damaged in a series of explosions in the Swedish and Danish economic zones, after which a large amount of methane reached the surface. According to British media, Russia and the West, who are at loggerheads over Russia's attack on Ukraine in February 2022, have been pointing fingers at each other. All denied any involvement, and no one claimed responsibility.

"There are insufficient grounds to proceed with a criminal investigation in Denmark, therefore, the police in Copenhagen have decided to discontinue the criminal investigation into the explosions," the Danish police said in a statement.

Sweden suspended its investigation into the explosions earlier this month, saying it had no jurisdiction over the case, but handed the evidence over to German investigators, who have yet to release their findings. The pipeline was blown up on September 26, 2022 east of the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea, since then there has been no more gas flow to Germany.

The pipeline was built by Gazprom, although Nord Stream 2 was never used because Germany halted the project days after the Russian attack on Ukraine. Moscow condemned the sabotage as a case of international terrorism, citing the United States and Great Britain as the main culprits, but according to one version, the action was carried out by members of a Ukrainian group.

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