A tax on life for the "fate" of Independence Day

Blagojce Atanasoski. / Photo: Free Press Archive

I have always said that running the health department is the most ungrateful thing in this and this country. You can be the best top surgeon-operator in the world, however the results of your "management" in the Macedonian healthcare will be catastrophic. Probably, the features in the Macedonian healthcare system best describe the situation in which Macedonia finds itself in the past three decades. The irony of fate wanted to "congratulate" us on three decades of independence in the most brutal way: by setting fire to the Tetovo modular hospital, in which in the most horrible way, alive burning fourteen human lives in the greatest torments, healing from the greatest evil of today, covid-19 . There would be no public debate on political responsibility / resignation in the developed Western European countries, no Scandinavian ones, because at the same time it would have been factual and archived, but I also strongly believe that such a tragedy of unprecedented proportions is almost impossible in these countries. It is unthinkable for a hospital where people are being treated and hospitalized to burn in three minutes, just as it is unthinkable to build an illegal building and then ask the state to legalize it for you. The word "illegal construction" does not exist in the English legal-interpretive dictionary.

Responsibility, how pathetic that sounds!

Of course, Venko Filipce should (should) immediately resign irrevocably and she should not be the subject of "hold-do not give" political-party bargaining. At least for funny and pathetic letters and calls from doctors and party members for his political salvation. Any remaining in Filipce's ministerial position will be a stumbling block to the ruling party's political trajectory towards the next election cycles, and an argument in the mouth of the bloodthirsty opposition party, which seems to rejoice at the death of the poor fourteen people and through their corpses wants to won "Ilindenska bb". Just as Filipce's predecessor, former Minister of Health Nikola Todorov, should and had to resign after the tragic death of little Tamara, who was posthumously approved for treatment abroad by the Health Insurance Fund. That case marked and completely exposed Todorov's political career, giving him a brutal, politically extremely incorrect, bestial and bizarre nickname "Minister of Death" from the underground political sewers of his political opponents who as oppositionists at the time wanted the tragic death of a small girl to capitalize politically.

If Nikola Todorov is the "Minister of Death", according to the wording of his political opponents, then should we call Venko Filipce "the Minister of Genocide" after the Tetovo death ?! Of course not. I neither want nor will I go into the correctness of the policies of these two health ministers and whether they were successful, I will only state that I believe in the sincerity of their intentions to improve the health situation and I believe in their human and moral conscience about the tragedies. (Little Tamara and the Tetovo modular hospital). The first, that tragedy, as we remember, could have cost him his life. We are all human beings, of flesh and blood, with emotions and feelings, we are not of stone and we are not monsters (like a former Minister of Interior, who is finally on a well-deserved vacation to read books), and that is why I believe that Filipce and Todorov, all their lives (not through their direct fault), will morally persecute these two cases.

The Ministry of Health is a department that spends the most millions (in hundreds) of budget euros, so in the distribution of the government cake, it is probably the most attractive for the clientelist-corrupt, clan-family political elites in our country, because it is treated as a "well without bottom ". It links the political caste with the pharmaceutical mafia and family clans rooted in Macedonian clinics, bringing the Macedonian healthcare system to its knees and, logically, the consequences are: the highest number of deaths per capita from the covid-19 pandemic, even worldwide , tragedy and tragedy of biblical proportions (as in the case of the Tetovo modular hospital), a huge number of deaths of mothers giving birth and a number of other catastrophic outcomes.

African health standards in the "ready for the EU", a European country!

The military hospital, now called "September 8", was built in the early 70s, according to all world architectural and urban standards at the time in the former common state of SFR Yugoslavia. The State Clinical Center, which today we say is old-fashioned and we are lying to ourselves and we believe that we will build a new, modern one according to the world standards of the 21st century, was also built during Yugoslavia. Almost all general hospitals, dispensaries, clinics and polyclinics within the public health are built in the former system. Today, our independent state is not even capable of maintaining them, let alone building new, modern and up-to-date world standards. In this system we only managed to create oligarchs who built their own private hospitals, in which they suck our blood and in which a "good morning" will cost you one hundred euros, in a country where 80 percent of the population receives a salary of 300 euros. And yes, let me not forget, the former Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Kocho Angjushev, "built" the modular prefabricated "hospitals", in which 14 human lives burned like candles.

Fate congratulated us on our independence in the most brutal way, pointing out what we have done for these 30 years of ourselves and this country: death, grief, doom and gloom. Do you think that I am exaggerating ?! Wait, let us be alive and healthy, to see the "next congratulations from fate", for which only we are to blame.

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