Danijela Dimitrovska spoke about the unpleasant experience with Mika Aleksic: I didn't want to go back there

Photo: Instagram/ danieladimitrovska

The model and most recently the host Danijela Dimitrovska in a morning program, she spoke openly that in her youth she experienced an unpleasant situation with the famous drama teacher Miroslav Mika Aleksic, transmits "Flash".

In the conversation in "Morning of Blitz", with Jugoslav Tintor, who is the young actress' lawyer Milena Radulovi. about the trial against Aleksic, the presenter said that she experienced discomfort at a casting at his school.

"I'll just say that I had the opportunity to go to one of the castings of the said school when I was seventeen years old, I'm not insinuating that anything like this happened, but that the approach was very unpleasant," said the host of TV "Blitz".

After leaving the casting, Daniela told her father that she never wanted to go back to that school.

"I remember I got out of there and my father was waiting for me, I told him that I don't like this, I don't like how people interact with us at the casting and I don't want to come here again. That's why I would like to thank you here now and tell all girls, boys, women and men to follow their feelings and see a heroine in Milena and in all girls of the 21st century, and support them in this way." she added.

As a reminder, Aleksic is accused of four crimes of rape, two of which are of prolonged duration and five crimes of sexual harassment, of which two cases are of prolonged duration.

He was arrested and held in custody until September 2021, then remained under house arrest until March 2022, and was then released to plead guilty.

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