Dani Alves was sentenced to four years and six months in prison


The court in Barcelona declared it Danny Alves (40) found guilty of rape charges and sentenced him to prison for four years and six months.

The Brazilian soccer player was threatened with a prison sentence of up to 12 years, and the Spanish judicial authorities sentenced him to four years and six months. The sentence also includes five years of probation that will take effect upon his release from prison.

For nine years and six months, Alves will have a ban on approaching the victim, to whom he will also have to pay damages of 150.000 euros. Alves had spent the previous 13 months in custody because Spanish authorities judged him to be a flight risk if he fought for freedom.

"We are satisfied with the verdict which confirms the truth of the words of the victim and the sorrow he went through. "We still have to check if the severity of the punishment is correlated with the facts," announced the prosecutor.

We will remind, Alves was accused that on December 31, 2022, he forced a 23-year-old girl to have sex in a nightclub in Barcelona. During the investigation, 30 people gave their testimony before the court, including the victim who testified behind closed doors.

Alves claimed from the beginning that he was not a violent person and that the sexual act was for the pleasure of both.

The trial has begun: the football player Dani Alves faces a prison sentence of 12 years

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