Do you know the ideal number of sexual partners? You will be surprised by the results of the research

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A new survey has revealed the ideal number of sexual partners a person should have, at least in the opinion of 1.000 women and as many men surveyed.

A survey by British dating site of 1.000 men and 1.000 women found that 52 percent of respondents thought the number should be 13.

According to the data, some may reject the fact that the other half had more than 18 sexual partners - 73% of respondents agree. Some seem to see this as a sign that someone may be unfaithful, which does not have to be related.

The data also showed that 67 percent of women lied about the number of sexual partners they had, compared to just 13 percent of men. This could be because women are more cautious about sharing their intimate exploits in order to appear more conservative to the opposite sex, the Daily Star reports.

As many as 77 percent of men said they would sleep with someone on the first date if there was chemistry, compared to only 39 percent of women.

Most do not want to know their partner's sexual history.

Interestingly, more men (59 percent) than women (46 percent) believe that a large number of sexual partners make someone less desirable, suggesting that there is still a social stigma regarding the perception of promiscuity between the sexes.

According to that survey, only 31 percent of men and women want to know their partner's sexual history, indicating that people no longer want to have to deal with their feelings about the matter, especially if they are not comfortable with it. like the answer.

Sex expert Jessica Leoni says many sexual partners reject many because no one wants to be just one or the other in a row. However, you also do not want to date someone who has little experience.

"13 partners is an ideal number - and it guarantees that you will end up in bed with someone experienced, adventurous and open"

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