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Will Tottenham accept the offer from Manchester United for Kane?

The first candidate for Harry Kane's signature remains Manchester United, according to British media. In the last few weeks at Old Trafford, the dilemma is whether to provide the services of the English national team player Kane or to keep Edinson Cavani, who is playing better as the end of the season approaches.

One thing depends on another and United reportedly want Kane as the first option in the attack. If the transfer is realized, Cavani would be a surplus, and vice versa, if there is nothing from Kane's arrival, the Uruguayan will be offered a new contract.

United are not ready to meet Levi's financial terms and pay 150.000.000 euros for Kane. The maximum that United would be ready for is just over 100.000.000 euros, which would also be a big "boom" in the football market. Although he is considered the best center forward in England, Kane has more and more problems with ankle injuries, which is why Tottenham does not have the best results this season, and the question is whether a 28-year-old striker with injuries should spend so much money.

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On the other hand, United would offer Cavani a significant increase in earnings if he stays at Old Trafford - from 220.000 to almost 300.000 euros per week! In total, over 15.500.000 euros per year, which is also a huge amount of money for a striker of almost 35 years. But Ole Gunnar Solskj .r is satisfied with his games and if Kane remains an unattainable goal, he will probably continue to work with the Uruguayan.

There is currently no serious interest in Kane from other clubs on the European continent. Kane has scored 31 goals with 16 assists in 46 games in all competitions this season.

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