Can people with high blood pressure drink coffee?

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Although it is believed that coffee raises blood pressure, there is no research that confirms that it is true.

Experts from the German Heart Foundation say that you can drink at least four cups a day, even if you suffer from high blood pressure. They point out that there is no scientific evidence that caffeine is bad for hypertension.

Coffee can briefly raise blood pressure because caffeine stimulates the cardiovascular system and speeds up the heartbeat, but this usually happens if you are not used to caffeine.

Elevated blood pressure is lower in people who drink coffee regularly. This effect occurs after regular coffee drinking for one to two weeks, according to a statement from the German Heart Foundation. This is also true for green and black tea, as they are also stimulants.

However, you should try to limit your intake to a maximum of 400 milligrams of caffeine per day if you are considering heart health. That's more than most people are likely to drink - about four to five cups of filter coffee a day.

If you do plan to measure your blood pressure, do so before or about 30 minutes after drinking coffee to make sure it does not affect your blood pressure.

In the meantime, try to avoid caffeinated pills, advises the German Heart Foundation, as they can negatively affect blood pressure.

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