Is ETIAS the cheapest EU travel document?

European Union flags / Photo: MIA

The European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) it is expected to finally enter into force in mid-2024. As the portal "Schengen Visa Info" reports, many travelers around the world are not very happy about incurring another expense when crossing the border. Although the EU has repeatedly explained that the reason is greater security and better control of people traveling, the British media often accuses them of introducing ETIAS, even as a revenge for leaving the EU.

Otherwise, starting next year, about 1,4 billion citizens will have this obligation. Otherwise, although the word visa is often used, it is not a visa. As reported by this portal, the EU is not the first to introduce a request for authorization to travel on its territory, because such a system is also implemented in other countries, and in favor of ETIAS, they say, is the fact that it is the cheapest of all similar documents.

The European ETIAS will cost seven euros, while a similar US Travel Authorization (ESTA) document costs $21, or almost 20 euros. This approval cost $14 until last year and has since gone up without any explanation.

New Zealand has a similar system that is valid for two years and costs about 11 euros, while it is more expensive if bought or filled at the border itself.

For Australia, this document costs about 13 euros, and the travel authorization system in Great Britain is also expected, for which it is not known how much it will cost.

When it comes to Serbian citizens, like everyone else from the Western Balkans who do not have visas, they will only need to apply through ETIAS and will not have any administrative obstacles to travel to the European Union.

The approval will cost seven euros and will be one time. It will be valid for three years and for multiple applications, reports Politika rs.

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