Is it irresistible: Espresso Martini cheese

espresso martini cheese
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Many people in the world are in love with the taste of cheese - so they combine it in all varieties, with a variety of flavors and products, from spices and vegetables, through sauces, to sour and mild additives.

So the more we experiment with tastes, the less unusual the new products offered to us as customers become. And the markets are in a constant race to satisfy our appetites.


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And since there are many people who love espresso martinis, the Aldi supermarket has decided to play with the flavors for the upcoming holidays, combining three of the favorite flavors - espresso, alcohol and cheese.

But how many people would like to feel all these flavors in their mouth at the same time?

The festive snack - offered to shoppers for just 2,19 XNUMX - is the most drunk cheese Aldi has ever made and combines the best of both worlds, as the crumbly cheese meets coffee liqueur.

As the combinations of flavors stand, this one is certainly unusual. We are not sure if this would be a match made in heaven or a pair of hell.


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But if this does not sound good enough, the festive cheese palette that these markets offer in a limited line has many other flavors that could spark your craving.

These include ripe cheddar with caramelized onions and rioja, ripe cheddar with aromatic rosemary and truffles, and Yorkshire cheese spiced with honey and rum inspired by Jamaica. Yorkshire with raspberry and pink gin completes the strange range.


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And while those curious of us do not have these flavors within reach, it remains for us to indulge in fantasy, to try to capture these combinations ourselves, and in any case, to enjoy the holidays and festive flavors they offer us.


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