Will the tip become part of the fixed account in Serbia?

Photo: EPA-EFE / Daniel Dal Zennaro

Soon as an item on the fiscal account in Serbia, the tip can be found. This is the proposal of the Business Association of the hotel and catering industry HORES, which will send an initiative to the Ministry of Tourism and Finance for the introduction of gratuities in the legal flows. The president of this association, Georgi Genov, told Euronews Serbia that their proposal is an "honor for the waiter" to be 10 percent of the amount of the bill.

He mentions that there is still a dilemma whether the tip should be introduced as a mandatory part of the bill or the guest has the right to choose whether to pay it, that is, to have the option not to leave it, if he is not satisfied with the service. This is not the first time that restaurants in Serbia demand the introduction of tips in legal channels, and as the main argument they cite the fact that inspectors do not allow excess money in the cash register and therefore write fines and close bars.

Restaurants in the region have the same problem. The catering association announced a few days ago that the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGC) is preparing a draft law according to which tips will be included in the fiscalization system for caterers and that the date of its entry into force is being discussed.

The concept of tip does not currently exist in Croatian legislation either, so tips collected electronically are treated the same as basic income. Therefore, restaurants in Croatia expect that this measure will increase workers' incomes and attract new labor in this sector, the Kamatica portal reports.

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