Dr. Sofianova: The authorities now recognize the shortage of staff in healthcare

Dr. Aspazija Sofianova, director of the Children's Clinic/Photo: Sloboden Pechat

In the past period, the staff deficit, although it was emphasized by us, was perhaps not recognized. However, after a large percentage of colleagues retired, I think the need for young staff is already recognized by the health authorities, said the president of the Association of Pediatricians today. Dr. Aspazija Sofijanova.

At today's conference after the conclusion of the four-day congress of pediatricians, she expressed hope that the young people who are currently undergoing specialization will cover part of that deficit.

"Some of the staff who come for education, some who enrolled in specialization, and that large percentage indicates that we have a young person we hope for, it just takes time for that young person to be supported with sufficient knowledge." I think that the youth is slowly ready to make up for some of the deficits that are being talked about, but in any case, it was recognized that the future and what we are bringing in will be overcome soon," said Dr. Sofianova.

Dr. Sofianova pointed out that exactly such events as the Congress offer knowledge and will contribute to a faster transmission of the youth's love for pediatrics.

He informs that the Congress offered discussions on topics in the field of neurology, neonatology, nephrology, developmental disorders in children, and experts were also present who spoke about what challenges Covid left behind.

- Here is also the general secretary of the European Academy of Pediatrics, Professor Mehmet Vural, with whom we are debating on the topic of immunization, which we see has decreased by percentages everywhere in the world, including in our country. We had the opportunity to have the president of the European Academy of Pediatrics also attend, said Sofianova.

Mehmet expressed satisfaction with the event and assessed it as useful for bringing all participants closer together.

Doctor Oliver Zafiroski said that this year's Congress was the most successful ever.

- What is most important and best is that a large number of young doctors had practical training with these two workshops, which is of great importance, since you know that our pediatrics in Macedonia has a decreasing number of pediatricians and this is a big challenge for all young colleagues to experience practical work, he said.

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