Dr. Predrag Serafimovski: A nurse with a high school diploma and a hygienist have a difference of 1.000 denars in salary

Photo: Dragan Mitreski

"A nurse with a high school diploma with 10 years of experience and a hygienist with 10 years of experience have a difference of one thousand denars in salary due to the mismatch of coefficients and political market from all parties. The revolt is big, we have announcements that salaries will finally be regulated because our requests from the Clinical Center went before the Health Fund and the adjustment of the coefficients was approved. That's why we will wait until Wednesday, if that doesn't happen, we won't wait any longer, we will call a union council and start a radical strike. To pray for two thousand denars and three thousand denars is already disgusting," says doctor Predrag Serafimovski from the Clinical Center Union for "Sloboden Pechat".

For doctor Serafimovski, it is incomprehensible how a doctor specialist and a hygienist can have a salary difference of 3 to 1, when in Yugoslavia it was 7 to 1.

He says the Clinical Center Union has 4.900 doctors, nurses and technicians and other staff and is unhappy that promises to get a wage adjustment have not been fulfilled and are just buying time.

The other union for health, pharmacy and social protection has announced a protest in front of the Ministry of Health for Thursday because the annex to the Collective Agreement for the correction of employee ratios has not yet been signed. Part of the employees of City Hospital and GOB 8 Septemvri, as well as doctors from Bitola, pharmacists, hospital administrators are members of this union.

The president of the Independent Trade Union for Health, Pharmacy and Social Protection, Ljubisa Karanfilovski, requested that the Ministry of Health and FZOM present by Wednesday at the latest what they have agreed on regarding the correction of the salary increase, and if this does not happen, all members should protest en masse already on Thursday.

- We expect to present to us what they have agreed to by Wednesday at the latest, if this does not happen, on Thursday at 11:55 a.m. we invite all members of the Union and all employees in the health sector who will not be involved in the work process of that day, to be present at the protest to express our displeasure for the frivolous approach to a serious issue, said Karanfilovski.

Wages are not the only problem in public health. There are no new hires, specialists from all branches are grateful, patients have been waiting for basic examinations through My Appointment for months, and the departments are being renovated with foreign donations from embassies. A large part of examinations and services are obtained in private healthcare, which suffers from all these omissions.

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