Dr. Danilovski: The secret of successful live teaching in German schools lies in the frequent testing

Dr. Dragan Danilovski / Photo: Screenshot

Our most famous epidemiologist, prof. Dr. Dragan Danilovski, on his profile on social networks, shared what it looks like live teaching in German schools. He says the secret to successful teaching in these schools lies in frequent testing, aside from masks, ventilation and hygiene.

Digging through the website of the Ministry of Education of Lower Saxony (one of the 16 federal states in Germany), I came across a letter from the Minister of Education, Grant Hendrik Tone, to the parents and law enforcement officers.

I found it interesting and I share it publicly, because through the content we can get a (rough) idea of ​​how successful live teaching works in the local schools, with daily insight into the epidemiological risks and measures to minimize them.
How to get insight? The secret is in the frequent testing - every other day - at home! Masks aside, ventilation, hygiene.
And to be a role model for us, he wrote in his post.

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