Dr. Buhova: I am not responsible for Oncology, I do not accept political revanchism

photo: MIA

The former director of the State Health and Sanitary Inspectorate, doctor Irina Sotirova Buhova, reacts most sharply to the proposal of conclusions about her political responsibility for the Oncology scandal, which was proposed to the Commission of Inquiry yesterday by MP Rashela Mizrahi.

The DZSI does not have any legal authority in the area of ​​prescribing therapy, scheduling therapy and control over the way the therapy is applied. In addition to this, the legal competences of the inspectors from the DZSI also speak, from which it is clear that the inspectorate is not the authority responsible for undertaking activities and checks in the specific case. Additionally, within the framework of the inspectorate, while I was director, there was no report and the inspectorate had no knowledge of possible irregularities, in order to react and forward the knowledge to the competent institutions, says Buhova.

Therefore, according to her, the proposed conclusions are unsustainable and reflect political revanchism.

As a healthcare worker, I support the work of both the inquiry commission and any authority that would contribute to clarifying all the circumstances of this case, but I cannot stand by the abuse of this process for the illegitimate collection of political points and unfounded political discredit, he adds. she.


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