Dr. Bećarovski: Did you believe that the two doctors, who are also mothers, would be careless with a little girl?

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After the publication of the report of the State Health and Sanitary Inspectorate on the extraordinary inspection made at the Clinical Hospital in Bitola in connection with the death of the six-year-old Jana Hristovskathe doctor Niko Bekarovski from the Toxicology Clinic commented on the case, defending the doctors who treated the girl.

DZSI today announced that there were no medical errors in the case, for which the family demanded responsibility from the doctors.

Dr. Bećarovski says that every doctor knows well the trauma when "you do your best and still lose the patient", adding that it is especially traumatic when it comes to a small, helpless girl.

"Every doctor who will read the report from DSZI will agree that the colleagues from Bitola did the maximum they had at their disposal. Every healthcare professional knows well what a trauma it is when you do your best and still lose the patient. You can only imagine the shock when it is a young helpless girl who dies in your arms," ​​writes Dr. Bećarovski on Facebook.

"Each of us in our career has faced such tragic moments of powerlessness despite the enormous effort and desire to do the best. It's those moments when you honestly wish you never wore the white coat, and they leave scars that never go away. For days, months, sometimes even years, you question whether you could have acted differently. It is no coincidence that the average doctoral life is shorter by a full five years than the average life expectancy," he adds.

The doctor points out that although he can understand it, he can't justify the anger of all those who these days "burst at the white coat without relevant data". "The people are angry at the overall situation and are looking for victims," ​​writes Bećarovski.

"But did you think for a moment that those two doctors have a family, children?" "Did you believe that two doctors who are also mothers would behave recklessly towards a helpless six-year-old girl?" he asks.

"Perhaps sometimes we lack more knowledge, much more often we lack modern and fast diagnostic equipment that will help us reach the right diagnosis, unfortunately not so rarely we also lack adequate therapy, which we know will help but we don't have it, but believe me in these 34 years of wearing the white coat, I have rarely seen colleagues without empathy for truly sick patients. Yes, we also make mistakes sometimes, because we are not perfect, much less sinless gods. Yes, we should be attacked and spat at whenever there is no maximum conscientiousness, because you trust us with the most precious thing, your life or the life of your loved ones, but don't be stigmatized after the first sensational articles on the portals," writes Dr. Bećarovski.

He adds that the truth always comes out eventually, but the trauma inflicted on the staff involved remains, and there are too few white coats left.

"In the end, my deepest condolences to the family of the deceased angel and sincere support to the colleagues from the Bitola hospital who did not darken the white coat and survived unprecedented stress," adds the doctor.

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