Dr. Bekarovski: Get combined fast antigen tests until they are still more expensive

Dr. Niko Bekarovski
Dr. Niko Bekarovski / Photo: Archive of "Free Press" / Facebook, Niko Bekarovski

Prof. Dr. Niko Bekarovski from the Toxicology Clinic, with an announcement on the social network Facebook, appeals to procure fast combined antigen tests Covid / InfluenzaA / B Combo test which will be much easier to detect if a person is infected with covid-19 or has a flu infection.

- With the arrival of autumn and winter, this year the seasonal flu will inevitably strike us.

Therefore, while the prices of the tests are still not expensive on the world stock market, immediately get the fast combined antigen tests Covid / InfluenzaA / B Combo test, with which we will be able to immediately diagnose patients with covid-19 and seasonal in a relatively cheap and short time. flu.

It may be too late in a month, stands in his announcement.

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