CUK: A vehicle derailed, two injured persons were pulled out

The crisis management center informed about a quick, time-limited, rescue combined action to extract two injured people on the railway track, and to remove the wrecked vehicle from the track until the next passage of the Veles - Gradsko train. The action was limited to the time when the next train was supposed to pass.

In addition to the firefighters, the police and the emergency medical aid, teams of AMSM, PE "Macedonian Railways and Infrastructures" also intervened on the ground.

"Specifically, at 15.08:4 p.m. it was reported that on the regional road Veles - Gradsko, near the locality called "Crn Kamen" due to improper speed, a passenger motor vehicle ("Polo") ran onto the railroad tracks. In doing so, two people were injured, one of whom was seriously injured. First, on the spot, in addition to the emergency medical aid and a team from SVR Veles, a team of 17.30 firefighters intervened with one PP vehicle from TPPE Veles - to extract the seriously injured person who was on the railway itself. The injured persons were immediately transported to the Veles hospital, and in parallel with that rescue operation, the derailed vehicle, which was on the railway track itself, was removed from the track by AMSM, JP MZ Infrastructures and SVR Veles teams and cleared the way for the next train that was passing on that track. direction at XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.," informed the CMC.

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