CUK: A total of 1.771 emergency calls to 112

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According to the report of the Center for Crisis Management, there were a total of 1.771 emergency calls to the Unified Emergency Call 112 in CMC. Of these, 38,34% were "real" emergency calls, and 61,66% were other, named "non-emergency calls", which were for other needs of the citizens or were simply not urgent.

By receiving these "other" calls in CMC, the services and institutions that are for immediate intervention are relieved of such unproductive calls for them. In addition to these calls, the CMC primarily deals with those that are for a combined solution, and not only for the engagement of one service, institution.

According to the distribution according to the nature of the events, through the CMC, 42,44% of the calls from 112 to the CMC were directed to the Police, 36,13% to the Emergency Medical Service, 1,26% to the firefighters, and 0,84% ​​to the AMSM . To the Crisis Management Center there were 19,33% of "real" emergency calls that are for combined resolution, which of course, together with the other 61,66%, "non-emergency calls" (1.138 in total) were subject to receiving, answering and processing by operatives on duty in Sector E-112 in cooperation with the Sector for Operations and Coordination in CMC.

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