CUK: A tornado happened in Negotino, the storm caused severe consequences

Photo: MIA

A tornado happened in Negotino, a whirlwind, the Crisis Management Center (CMC) told MIA, after the storm that hit Negotinsko this afternoon and took away several roofs of houses, and a road between two villages was blocked due to fallen trees.

"Our information says that something like this has not happened in Negotino for a long time. The storm, which lasted only twenty minutes, caused severe consequences. It was of tremendous strength and changed direction twice. North, then southwest and north again. It carried with it parts of roof structures, trees, poles with a low voltage part and wires, tin and plastic structures were destroyed and taken away. If the storm had lasted just five to ten more minutes, God forbid, it would have been a real disaster for Negotino," said Goran Stojanovski, head of the Department of Operations and Coordination at CMC.

He emphasized that additional damages will be determined, among other things, for agricultural crops.

Several residents of Negoti reported damages from the storm

Several residents of Negoti have reported damage from the storm, firefighters are intervening on the ground.

"We have been informed by the head of RCUK Negotino that from 16.10 to 16.30 the municipality of Negotino was affected by a strong storm followed by wind and torrential rain. We have been informed by TPPE Negotino that more damages have been reported by the citizens. It has been intervened, TPPE Negotino intervenes in the most critical places that are affected by the storm, there are uprooted trees, fallen poles, damaging currents from the houses and flooded homes", the Crisis Management Center (CMC) reports.

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