CUK: Kitka is still burning, 21 fires were extinguished yesterday

Kitka fire/ photo: CUK

The Center for Crisis Management (CMC) informs that in the last 1 hours there were a total of 892 calls to the Single emergency number 112, of which 40,11% were "real" calls, and 59,89% were for other needs of citizens that they were not urgent.

65,33% were directed to the Police, 24.09% to the Emergency Medical Service, and 8,75% to the firefighters of the actual calls to 112 in CMC. The sum of calls that were for combined resolution from the "real" calls in the CMC, 1,83% with the other 59,89% designated as "non-urgent calls", totaled 1 138 in number and were subject to receiving, selective processing in the CMC , and direct coordination for their resolution with other institutions from the Crisis Management System, according to the nature of the reported emergencies.

CMC informs that this morning there is still more only one active fire outdoors from yesterday. There were a total of 22 open fires in the country, firefighters extinguished 21, simultaneously extinguishing other fires in populated areas in the last XNUMX hours.

There is an active outdoor fire, since yesterday's 22, on Mount Kitka, where it is still burning, most likely the low-stemmed vegetation, according to the latest information received at 112 in CUK.

Yesterday at 16.15:112 p.m., through the single emergency number XNUMX in the CMC, a report was received about a forest fire towards Karadžica near a place called Preslap after the house of the Mountaineering Society "Kitka", above the village of Paligrad, and below the village "Karpata" on Kitka mountain. The "Karadzica" subsidiary of the "National Forests" PE and the Municipality of Studenichani were immediately informed about this, from where they informed that dry grass and mixed low and tall vegetation were burning on an undetermined area. The "Karadzica" subsidiary informed that the district security guard will go to the spot to check the same fire, whether the fire has a large scale or not. Due to the inaccessible terrain, extinguishing was not possible at night.

The same was confirmed yesterday by BPPZ, who reported that at 17:00, 1 PP vehicle and 3 firefighters were dispatched to the scene of the fire, who will survey the situation and, if possible, act. By the way, the information that it is still smoking and indicates that it is burning from the location of the fire of the same name was confirmed by the cyclists who informed about the fire last night, and this morning during the question of the morning information, with photos and the location.

Firefighters extinguished 21 fires on the territory of the state in the last XNUMX hours.

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