CUK: The Macedonian patient arrived in Skopje from Hungary with the helicopter of the Ministry of the Interior

The patient who suffered a stroke in Hungary brought to Skopje Clinics/Photo: CUK

Today, a sick person, a Macedonian citizen, was successfully airlifted from the Republic of Hungary to the Republic of North Macedonia with police helicopter of the Ministry of the Interior, which is equipped with the necessary medical equipment before each such flight, and is removed after the implementation of the humanitarian action, announced the CMC.

-Specifically, on April 18, a request for air transport from Hungary to Macedonia of a sick person, a Macedonian citizen, was received through the Single emergency number 112 at the Crisis Management Center, and later through the official e-mail of CMC and to the director Stojance Angelov , who suffered a stroke in Hungary, so he was in a hospital in Hungary, in the city of Szeged, for several days. At the same time, the request was answered immediately and after the creation of conditions for safe transport, it was realized by the Helicopter Unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the "white" 412 helicopter, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health today. By the way, the person was on a business trip to Hungary and suffered a stroke, after which he was immediately placed and operated on at the University Clinic in Szeged, after which he was transported from there today and is placed at the University Clinic in Skopje, the CMC explains.

From there, they emphasize that in such cases of helping citizens, police helicopters, with small modifications and equipped with specific equipment, are used multi-purpose, that is, in addition to extinguishing fires, they are now also used for medical transport.

- It is evident that the members of the Helicopter Unit of the Ministry of the Interior, in addition to having great professionalism, courage, and skill in extinguishing fires in the open air, also demonstrate this in situations for safe air transport of sick citizens over long distances, emphasizes the CMC.

By the way, this is the second time that this type of air transport has been carried out from Szeged to Skopje, after the first time, which was successfully carried out on April 11.

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