The red blossoming beauty of the woman with a floral name - Jasmina: No matter how tired I am from work, I never leave the flowers!

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This is a flower story about a woman with a floral name - Jasmina. The name itself speaks for what kind of person it is - it bears the name of a flower that has flowers that spread a beautiful scent, the scent of perfume, the scent of love and positive energy. 

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Jasmina Gjurovska lives in the Bitola village of Crnobuki. To make the beauty even greater, she is a woman farmer, engaged in the production of horticultural crops, peppers and tomatoes. And one more thing - she is also a woman farmer!

"We have a small family farm with cows," Jasmina explains.

But that is not all. This value is also a hairdresser. She says it's more of a hobby, even though she has a degree in the craft. Obviously everything that this lady will hold with her hands, everything succeeds. In fact, everything is gilded, so the garden full of amazing flowers looks like it is covered with gold.

- I have always had a love for flowers. However, I started cultivating flowers 10 years ago. At first I started with indoor flowers, gloxinias, begonias. Then I started buying outdoor flowers, petunias. I used to collect seeds from them in the fall, and I sowed them in the spring, so for two or three years I produced my own petunia seedlings, the woman with the flower name tells us her flower story. 

For a few years Jasmina had only petunias, so she started buying other types of flowers.

- With many years of experience you learn what and how the flowers need. Personally, I know from the flower petals when it needs nourishment, when it needs protection from disease and when it needs water. "Every year I learn which flowers require what conditions," she explains.

She says that her terrace is in the sun in the morning, from 13 pm, and then it gets in the shade. Therefore, it can grow on many types of flowers, such as surfins, petunias, all kinds of anchovies and other flowers.

- There are flowers on my terrace from the middle of April until the frost falls. So, it must be blooming! . When a flower spoils or dries, I immediately replace it with a new one, adds Jasmina.

To grow and nurture flowers you must have a lot of love. Flowers love both time and attention.

- There are some who say: I give him water every two or three days. I wonder how they can expect beauty when they do not pay attention to it. I dedicate every free time to flowers. Every night, after 21 pm, I water them. As much as I was tired of the daily agricultural work, I never left the flowers without water. I do not spare myself for the flowers, I dedicate myself to it to the maximum. I look at it with love, and it returns to me in the same measure, says our floral interlocutor. 

We ask her, how much time does she dedicate to him?

- Probably one to two hours during the day, she answers us and continues: Everyone who has seen my flowers asks me the same question…

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