Montenegrin President Milatovic has resigned from all positions in the ruling PES party

Jakov Milatović / Photo EPA-EFE/ANDREJ CUKIC

The vice-president of the "Europe Now" Movement and the current president of Montenegro, Jakov Milatović, has resigned from all positions in the party.

"During the establishment of the Europe Now Movement, we promised citizens transparency in our work, a rational and reasoned dialogue about policies that are inclusive and sustainable," Milatović wrote.

At the same time, we promised that competence and personal integrity will be decisive factors for employment and advancement. We also promised a different political culture based on respect for diversity and affirmation of European values.

The current way of working is contrary to the promises and values ​​I had in mind when creating the Movement. For this reason, I am resigning from all positions in the Movement," Milatović wrote on the profile of the H network.

His decision is the culmination of a months-long conflict with Prime Minister Milojko Spajic, who is also the leader of PES. Milatović was Minister of Economic Development in Zdravko Krivokapic's government, the first government formed after the 2020 parliamentary elections, when Milo Djukanović's Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) was defeated after thirty years in power. Milatović and Spajić were ministers together in that government.

After Krivokapic's government lost the confidence of MPs in February 2022, Milatovic followed by Spajic founded the Movement Now, which after the 2023 presidential and parliamentary elections became the strongest political party in Montenegro.

In April last year, Milatović overwhelmingly defeated Milo Djukanović in the presidential elections, and Spajić won the most seats in the parliamentary elections with PES in June and became Montenegrin prime minister at the end of June.

Last year, Milatović publicly criticized some of Spajić's decisions, and their conflict was particularly noticeable when Spajić, then still in office, tried to form a government with minority parties, while a part of PES close to Milatović insisted on a post-election coalition with the pro-Serb right.

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