A Montenegrin got a job in the municipality, but soon quit: "I didn't do anything, I felt useless"

Photo: Municipality of Mojkovac / Facebook

Ilija Vlaovic from the Montenegrin town of Mojkovac, resigned from the job he had in the municipality because he was not doing anything and because he thinks that his job is not needed.

Vlaović, who is a professor of geography by profession, established an employment relationship in the municipality of Mojkovac on December 9, 2022, and submitted a request to terminate the employment contract on January 18, a little more than a month after entering the municipal service, reports "Victory".

Vlaovic confirmed that this unusual and unusual move was not a joke and that he had indeed resigned because his employer had not given him work assignments. He was employed as a counselor, but he says he doesn't know for what or whose counselor.

In the request for termination of the contract sent to the president of the municipality, Vesko Delic, which the Montenegrin media had access to, Vlaović states that he concluded a contract with the municipality through public works that the Institute of Montenegro advertised as professional training for six months.

"The reason for terminating the contract is because the authorities in my sector where I was assigned did not deign to find me a work assignment for a month. I felt useless and redundant. "If I am given the opportunity to improve, I believe it should be practiced, and not spent sitting without any work duties," Vlaovic said.

He says that on several occasions he approached the person in charge of his department and asked for a work assignment, but he did not get it "probably because the employer has nothing to give him."

"That's why I don't think this position of mine is needed and why should I get a salary I don't deserve?" I think it would be more humane to pay that money to the children in the Home in Bijela or to socially vulnerable families," says Vlaović, reports Pobjeda.

"In the municipality of Mojkovac there is a large number of unnecessary employments, and because of those who want to sit and do nothing without receiving a salary, we are here where we are," Vlaović wrote.

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