Tsipras: Wiretapping for Mitsotakis is a method of governance and a method of securing power

Alexis Tsipras / Photo: EPA-EFE / KOSTAS TSIRONIS

For Mr. Mitsotakis, wiretapping is not an "accident", it is a method of governance, a method of securing power by collecting key information from everyone, first of all from the people around him to ensure their silence and tolerance, which of course becomes complicity. Above all, their tolerance towards regime practices, said the SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras during his address to the party's caucus, talking about the wiretapping case in Greece.

The leader of the opposition party indicated that if "parliamentary democracy was functioning under normal conditions", there would not be a meeting of the parliamentary group of SYRIZA today, but there would be an "essential parliamentary process", if the Greek Prime Minister accepted to answer his parliamentary questions.

He added that for the third week "Missotakis is hiding", emphasizing that "only those who are guilty are hiding" and indicated that there is evidence, and the only one who has the opportunity to reveal it is the Prime Minister and "because he knows exactly that there is evidence, that's why he is hiding ".

"And today he hid again. If he were here, I would have asked him to answer a simple question: as soon as you tell us that the National Intelligence Service (EIP) has nothing to do with the illegal Predator software, tell us whether the EIP, which is under your supervision, has also been monitoring your ministers, as was the case with Androulakis и Koukakis and your ministers, Tsipras said, mentioning the PASOK leader as an example Nikos Androulakis and journalist Thanasis Koukakis, who, apart from Predator, were also monitored by the National Intelligence Service.

Tsipras pointed out that the country is in an emergency situation, the society is in an emergency situation, "it is sinking and falling apart from price increases, from profiteering, from the frightening worsening of inequalities".

"The eavesdropping government will no longer have to listen to what everyone is saying." Because the whole society is already shouting loudly and everyone can easily hear it. Everyone's voice, as time passes, turns into one mass "Go away", Tsipras pointed out.

He added that very soon Mitsotakis and his colleagues "will understand that no one can play" neither with society nor with democracy itself.

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