Reading erotic stories restores sexual energy

The erotic novel "Fifty Shades of Grey" / Photo: EPA/KAREL PRINSLOO

Romantic erotica arouses pure and intense joy in most women. Unlike men who mostly react to what they see, women are turned on by emotional stimulation. That's why if you want to spice up your sex life, you should immediately start reading erotic stories.

You will regain your sexual energy

Reading romantic erotica activates the body, mind and soul. It will put your sex first and you will quickly forget about your role as a wife, mother, worker or employer and immediately move into your sexual fantasy. Reading satisfying love scenes will stir your emotions, which are directly related to your libido, starting emotional foreplay in you.

You will enhance sexual pleasure with fantasy

You certainly won't engage in a threesome, foursome, or fivesome in a public place where you could be seen at any moment (or maybe we're wrong?), but if you read about these kinds of sexual events, you'll stir up different kinds of naughtiness in your bedroom. . Exploring your fantasies will enhance both your pleasure and your partner's. With the help of these stories, create a zone where everything is allowed, fun and filled with pleasure.

You will learn new tricks

The intelligent girls who write these stories show us wonderful insight into healthy sexual communication between partners. They also know exactly how women's brains work, so they have no problem getting us there easily. On the other hand, you can learn many new tricks and poses that you could later try with your partner.

You will feel great

For those ladies who rely on facts and statistics, researchers have found that women who read romance novels have up to 74% more sex than women who don't. When women fantasize frequently (as they do while reading erotic novels), they not only have sex frequently, but also have a lot more fun in bed as they engage in a variety of erotic activities.

Happy ending

If you are tired of reading all those stories that follow the same pattern and that end up somehow making you feel depressed and exhausted, then maybe it is definitely time to switch to a romantic and erotic story. In these books you will always experience a happy ending, which will act as a hedonistic escape from reality, but from which there are great psychological benefits and a strong emotional satisfaction that you will further transfer to your relationship.

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