The fourth Skopje "Pride Parade" will be held on June 24

Photo: Free Press

The National Network Against Homophobia and Transphobia has announced this year's Pride Parade, which will take place on June 24.

As stated by the organizers, the starting point, as before, will be in the "Woman-fighter" park, where the gathering of the participants will begin at 17:19 p.m., and at XNUMX:XNUMX p.m., after the short welcoming speeches, the protest march will begin on the streets of Skopje, according to the same route as last years. It will end with a cultural and musical program at the ARM stadium in the City Park.

"Progress in the field of LGBT+ people's rights has not been even, nor is it sufficient, and is constantly under attack from forces that oppose universal human rights. That is why Pride remains an important form of protest of the LGBT+ community against stigma, prejudice and violence," said the National Network.

Irena Cvetkovic referred to the current context and the worryingly strong negative mobilization of religious communities, conservative and populist politicians and parties, as well as anti-gender movements against the LGBTI community, "especially against the most vulnerable and marginalized part of the community, our trans brothers and sisters".

"In such a hostile environment, when hate speech and violence are on the rise, and homophobia and transphobia become the dominant position of those in power, being Proud and Loud represents resistance and protest against the oppressive system. The LGBTI community has gone through very difficult periods, we will go through this one with our heads held high, proud and loud in realizing our vision of a world of equality and prosperity," said Cvetkovic.

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