Four-day work week: First findings from global trial known

The project of a four-day workshop, in which world companies and renowned research institutions participated, gave the first results. Organizers say the findings are already clear: the four-day workday is good for business.

Employers notice increased profitability of companies, and workers point out that they have more free time. At the beginning of next year, the results of the biggest project of this kind, which the organization 4 Day Week Global has implemented in Great Britain, will be known.

Most of the 33 companies and 903 workers - who participated in the global pilot project of the four-day week for six months and kept the same salary - will probably never return to normal working days, according to the organizers of the global project 4-day week.

SNN Business reports that none of the 27 participating companies, which also answered the organizers' questionnaire, had any intention or planned to return to the five-day working day. As many as 97 percent of the 495 employers said they wanted to extend the four-day schedule.

Most of the companies that participated in the project are based in the United States and Ireland. Those who also participated in the implementation of the questionnaire rate their experience with the number nine on a scale of ten points. In doing so, they gave an assessment based on productivity and efficiency, reported H1 Slovenia.

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