A celebration of the Macedonian language will be held at the Museum of Romanian Literature in Bucharest

Poster for the event in Bucharest

The Macedonian Language Day will be celebrated on December 7 at the Museum of Romanian Literature in Bucharest, Romania. On the initiative of the Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia in Romania, the Macedonian language lecturer at the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​in Bucharest, Elena Gjorgjiovska, and the Romanian language and literature philologist Thea Teoharevska-Ivanova, the focus of the celebration of the Day of the Macedonian Language will be the centenary of the birth of Macedonian poet Aco Shopov.

The event will be attended by students from the Lecturer for Macedonian Language in Bucharest, who for the first time will also read new renditions of Aco Shopov's poetry in Romanian, which they made themselves. Poetry by other Macedonian and Romanian poets and poets in Macedonian, Romanian and English will also be read.

Within the framework of the event, there will be a tasting of Macedonian wines and cheeses organized by "Slow Food Macedonia" and a screening of a film about Skopje, produced by the Agency for the Promotion and Support of Tourism.

- The Day of the Macedonian Language in Romania - December 8, has been celebrated since 2018. The date is connected with the day when the Macedonian Orthodox Church commemorates its patron St. Kliment Ohridski - Miracle worker, who is the first Macedonian archbishop, creator of the famous Ohrid literary school and the most important Macedonian medieval writer and teacher - points out Thea Teoharevska-Ivanova.

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Video of the day